Krysti Worley - Hollowell is the youngest of four girls. Although born in Georgia, Krysti moved to Texas at the young age of three. Krysti has been performing on stage, with her older sisters, from the ripe age of two. Krysti's older siblings were Georgia state champion cloggers’ and were the opening act for great talents such as Jerry Reid, Hank Williams Jr., and The Oak Ridge Brothers.                            Even though Krysti started performing at such a young age, it wasn't until the age of fifteen that her family realized that Krysti had a voice. Krysti, being raised in a Christian home, she attended private school. It was at school that the music teacher realized her talent. Krysti's teacher asked if she would compete in State competition for solo performance...she did and placed third!  Krysti has always had a love for music, and that is why she decided to pursue a career in music. She started writing music and attended an Austin songwriting seminar, where she met frontman Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel. Ray took Krysti under his wing and recorded her in his studio at age 16. Krysti was up against Jessica Andrews for a record deal with DreamWorks records in 1996. Jessica ultimately got the deal. When she was Eighteen, she signed an Artist/Management contract. Krysti spent the next few years in the studio, in Nashville, recording her first single "Cry Like A Baby". Krysti's first single charted in the top 10 on the Texas Music Charts. She toured around the United States promoting her single, doing radio interviews and shows.                                                                                                                 Krysti took a bit of a break from music when her father was ill. She then took an even longer break from music to start an even bigger journey as a mother! While Krysti loved being a mother, she could not deny her love of music! Krysti knew she could do both! However, this time she decided to do things on her own. Krysti had already been down the road of recording and promoting song singles and knew that she could do it! So, Krysti started writing (again, after a long time) and picked a great recording studio not too far from home to record her EP. Krysti then started contacting radio stations and promoting her first very own cd. This gave her much Joy! Krysti realized she loved developing and producing as well as performing

        Although Krysti has in the past been mostly country, Krysti has ventured out of the country box in the past few years and performs a wide array of music from disco/dance, contemporary, country, Christian, and rock music! Krysti says, "I don't discriminate"! 

       Krysti has written songs and promoted other country and indie artists with her husband Jay. It brings great joy to Krysti to make music a part of her family life as well!

       Currently, she is performing as lead vocalist in a band, Boogie Town. Krysti has said, that even though there is something amazing about performing live with a full band, she admits that at the same time, she absolutely loves the creative freedom that comes from playing more intimate shows, with just a guitar and her voice, Krysti and Kevin, the acoustic duo. Krysti does have a love that runs deep for music, but her greatest love of all is when she volunteers to sing at the church she and her family attend. Paulann Baptist Church.

So, Krysti is living her dream, all of them with her supportive husband, wonderful boys, (three of them), and her music!

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