One of her songs "Cowman”, penned by Paul Cook, plays out with all the energy and sassiness of a Miranda Lambert song and rather than a case of out of sight and mind, this San Angelo resident has picked a comeback single " Bible and a Six-Pack" sure to lure the faithful and grab some newer fans as well.

Krysti is planning to return to the studio to record some newer this time it is still unknown if it will be a Christian Album or a Album of eclectic songs she has written...or who knows, maybe both! 

If you have the chance to venture out and catch a show with her band Boogie Town, or an acoustic show, Krysti & Kevin, the acoustic duo. You will find yourself in awe of how diverse this young lady really is. You will enjoy favorites from every decade and every genre of music. She can sing it all from Adele to the Rolling Stones, to the Bee Gees and Bruno Mars to Pink, and even some Etta James and Patsy Cline. The girl can do it all. 

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